Will Al Sharpton's visit to Memphis add fuel to the fire?

Don't look for a showdown when the Reverend Al Sharpton arrives in town tomorrow to protest a parks controversy. The Sons of Confederate Veterans is urging its members to NOT come to Memphis. Sharpton (at the invitation of Rainbow/PUSH Coalition) will lead a protest march from Jefferson Davis Park to Forrest Park Saturday morning at 9am. The Memphis Police Department plans to assign at least 60 extra officers for the events. Instead of protesting, one civil rights group turned to prayer to try and settle the parks controversy. The Memphis chapter of the Southern Christian Leadership Conference held a prayer summit this week. People from both sides of the issue weighed in on the name change including retired minister, Ray Allen. "But my interest has changed from hers and I see the opp that we have in this community to bring about racial harmony and promote and to promote a community of peace and justice and good will." Summit Attendant, Brenda Hale added, "I can understand both sides, I am sympathetic to both sides. I would like to see it resolved peacefully. S.C.L.C. President Dwight Montgomery fears that Sharpton's visit tomorrow will only stir things up. Instead, he wishes Sharpton would focus on other issues facing Memphians...like TennCare, crime and education.