Search continues for missing girl

Former teachers, family members and friends of missing 14 year-old Antionette Briggs have spent the past week scouring the streets for her, worried that a clock is ticking,  and panicked about a desperate voice mail message the girl left on her cousin's phone a day after she vanished.

"Ebony please help me.  Ebony.  This dude... Please  help.  Please ebony please... {inaudible}... Please help," the girl says on the recording.

Her mother - Melissa Briggs - was emphatic.

"Somebody abducted my baby.  Because my baby is too smart to do some running away," she said Thursday.

But now police - who have been looking for the girl - tell a different story.

"It sounded more like a prank than a cry for help," said Memphis Police Lieutenant Terry Lyons with Missing Persons.  He says Antionette Briggs made several other calls to friends later Saturday and Sunday morning.

In all cases, she blocked the number she was calling from and - they say - she was looking for a boy's phone number.

"Because there were calls made after this initial call that were not panicked calls," says Lyons, "It doesn't seem like it's an abduction."

Lyons says it seems more like a runaway situation.  Police believe surveillance pictures show the girl being dropped off at her school.   The pictures show two police cruisers parked in the lot.

And despite Melissa Briggs' statement that her daughter has never run away, she told police last week that the daughter had run away many times... Once as recently as two months ago when she was discovered at a Super 8 Motel on Shelby Drive.

It doesn't mean police aren't taking it seriously.

Police treat runaways the same as they do missing persons, and they are looking for her.  The girl is still missing, and family members and friends are looking for her too.

If you know anything about this girl's whereabouts, police want you to call Crime Stoppers at 528-CASH.