Frustrated neighbors decorate 'MLGW' barrier

MEMPHIS, TN (WMC) - An East Memphis neighborhood is getting creative with a roadblock that is overstaying its welcome.

Two barriers, including at least one cone with the MLGW label, have been sitting in the road for more than a year, so some residents decided to decorate it with beads, garland, and more.

Jennifer Black and other neighbors on Northwood Drive pitched in to deck out the two barriers in 2018 cheer, but while the barriers now look fun and joyful, the truth is this neighborhood wants these barriers gone.

"Everybody is tired of it! Just absolutely tired of it," Black said.

Neighbors said the barriers and the small sink hole underneath have been there for more than a year and a half.

The barriers were put up after crews completed underground pipe work, and it's been causing problems ever since.

"It makes it very difficult to drive through," neighbor Skip Howard said. "People can't park in front of their homes. Just it really makes it darned inconvenient."

"To back out of my driveway every morning is a little bit of a--it's dangerous," Black said.

The decorating started last week with a Christmas theme, and the neighborhood says they're not stopping.

"We will have decorations appropriate to the month all the way through the year. As far as it takes for them to come fix it," Black said.

"We have Valentine's Day coming up. We've got Mardi Gras coming up. Easter...I mean we've got a whole year planned," Howard said.

While they're using some joy to spread their message, don't mistake the cheerful display for anything but a call to action for MLGW.

"I want you to please come out here and do your job," Black said.

After WMC Action News 5 reported this story, MLGW removed the barriers and cones that had the company's name and logo on them. The company also spray painted the ground to denote to anyone in the area that the site was part of a city sewer project.

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