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Community readies for Sharpton visit

Walter Bailey rallied the anti confederate troups on WLOK talk radio Friday afternoon.

"This doesn't handicap or impede anybody from working on any issue you want to work on. (caller) But you see the light that you're shining on this issue could be used to focus on other things affecting our community more," said county commisssioner Walter Bailey.

Bailey and local Rainbow Push President LaSimba Gray have asked Reverend Al Sharpton to speak at a rally at Forrest Park Saturday morning. The fact that Sharpton's appearance has already caused some discord among local civil rights groups came as no surprise when I spoke to him by phone.

"When Martin Luther King came in the local people almost 40 years ago had the same argument the local people invite you, local people voted for me to be president I have a responsibility to work with the people who worked with me," said the Reverend Al Sharpton.

Memphis Mayor Willie Herenton has said Sharpton's visit serves no purpose because he has no power here.

"He needs to understand that this issue is bigger than him," said Bailey.

And rallies on both sides in the works, this confederate controversy could get bigger before the weekend is over.

"I can't conceive of how people can say I'm opposed to the confederacy but I'm for the glorification of those that led the confederates," said Sharpton.

Sharpton will be escorted from the airport to the park by Shelby County Sheriff's deputies. The rally is scheduled to begin at 10AM tomorrow morning, we'll be here.

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