Runaways are no small problem in Memphis

The Memphis Police Department's Missing Person's Bureau, whisch is searching for Antionette Briggs, also has hundreds of other cases of missing and runaway teens. You may have seen Antionette Briggs picture, but there are other faces you don't see on television or in the paper.. However, they are faces Sergeant Danny James sees everyday; his department gets thousands of missing persons reports each year. According to the National Runaway Switchboard, there are 1.3 million teens living on the streets. Matthew Stone runs Family Link, a Youth Villages shelter for runaways, the only one of its kind in Memphis. He says kids that don't find a safe place, often become victims of crime or commit crime. "Cause they're out there on the streets trying to survive and if they don't have resources they're gonna get them somehow," said Stone. It's Sergeant James' job to find them all. "You can't say well I haven't got time for your child because i'm working on you can't say that but that may in fact be the case? Yes," he said. There are hundreds of cases, and hundreds of faces, but right now he's focused on just one. Hoping that every call, will be the one that brings good news.