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CWL to have major upgrades in 2018

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City Water and Light is entering 2018 with some major projects in store including upgrades to their wastewater treatment plant.

“Two things that drive these upgrades is instilling environmental regulations and the growth of Jonesboro,” said Kevan Inboden, special projects administrator.

Inboden said they plan to remove chlorine from their water treatment process.

“Instead, we are moving to ultraviolet light disinfection,” said Inboden. “ADEQ has put tight standards on how much chlorine can be discharged so we have just decided to get rid of it because it would be more accommodating to not have to worry about that.”

Inboden said having these upgrades will also help them be more proactive to the growth in Jonesboro.

“We want to make sure we are running this plant economically,” said Inboden. “This plant play a big role to help continue the growth in our industries, creating hundreds of jobs at the same time.”

He added having these upgrades done will also benefit them during big rains.

“Some stormwater is going to enter our wastewater collection system and as a result that increased water load is going to make it to this treatment plant so when it gets here, we have got to be able to pump it, treat it and send it through this plant,” said Inboden. “We are going to increase the hydraulic treatment capacity of the plant by about 60%”

Inboden said at the end of the $13 million-dollar project, they will have added two large pumps and two large clarifiers.

He said construction is set to begin tentatively the second quarter of 2018 and will last a little over a year.

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