Will the Mid-South snow bubble ever burst?

Will the Mid-South snow bubble ever burst?

(WMC) - If you have been thinking the Mid-South has gotten a raw deal with snow this winter, you would be right.

There have already been two snow events well south of us this winter and that includes several beach cities along the Gulf Coast and the east coast. And if you thought it never, ever snows in Florida, that theory was busted just as the recent east coast storm developed in the Atlantic.

The snowfall accumulation map above shows which areas across the U.S. have seen measurable snow.

Notice the big hole across the Mid-South with Memphis in the dead center.

You may think there is a big bubble over this region and something is causing it all to go around us.

Many long-time Memphians believe the bluffs along the Mississippi River act as a barrier or influence our weather patterns. There has never been research to support that theory and for now it seems those bluffs just aren't big enough to impact weather in that way.

It really is just luck of the draw. That's just how these weather systems lined up in the atmosphere.

Snow fans will just have to wait a little longer. But we still have a lot of winter left and our luck is bound to change eventually.

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