Memphis officials unveil plan to deal with traffic congestion

MEMPHIS, TN (WMC) - A major traffic headache for drivers could soon be no more.

City of Memphis is rolling out a new plan to deal with congestion along a key roadway in the city.

Traffic can be a nightmare in East Memphis. Drivers have complained about poorly timed lights that lead to some of the backup issues. Memphis city leaders said they are working to fix it.

"From 7:30 until about 8:30, it's horrible," said Eric Caviness.

Some residents said they try to avoid the intersection of I-240 and Walnut Grove, a spot that often has bumper to bumper traffic.

"We do drive on it, but sometimes it gets bad and we avoid it," said Cody Sprouse.

Currently, the city can remotely control half of the signaled intersections in Memphis and ease the congestion.

The city is hoping new traffic lights will ease up the congestion and back-up.

"It's good, it's bad, it depends on the day and the hour," Sprouse said. "I would say avoid it if you can. If you got to go through it go quickly."

A federal grant will fund the replacement of traffic lights in Walnut Grove corridor from I-240 to the Humphreys Boulevard interchange

The upgraded lights allow staff at City Hall to be able to monitor, diagnose, and control the lights remotely, providing a better flow of traffic.

Drivers are skeptical the new traffic lights will fix the traffic congestion.

"We don't have enough room," Caviness said. "We've got a lot of cars going down two lanes of traffic."

The city said these remotely controlled lights will also improve the air quality during peak drive times.

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