MLGW responds after neighbors decorate street barrier

MLGW street repairs are on hold until asphalt plants are back open.
All week WMC Action News 5 has pressed MLGW for answers after an East Memphis neighborhood said a barrier was on their street for more than a year.
MLGW came out and removed the barriers because the road work is actually from a city sewer project.
A metal plate was put down instead, and the city expects repairs to be finished in the next two weeks.
But we wanted to know about other MLGW work sites that have been blocked off for months.
We checked 311 requests that were filed with the city and found neighbors are upset about barriers on Rozelle Street near Union, and on Stonewall in Midtown.
The city closed those complaints and said it was MLGW's responsibility.
MLGW said they have not forgotten about the sites, but asphalt plants are only open when it's above freezing.
MLGW added they do handle requests through the 311 app, but the most direct way to get service is to call MLGW service center.

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