'It's been insane:' Cold weather keeps Mid-South plumbers busy with burst pipes

MEMPHIS, TN (WMC) - For the next few days, the Mid-South is going to see a slight warm-up, but the cold will be back for the weekend.

Plumbers say now is the time to do a preventative check of your pipes and water heaters.

The past weeks have kept plumbers and their staffs very busy.

"It's been insane. It really has," Dustin Smith of Smith's Plumbing in Bartlett said.

Smith's Plumbing said they've fielded hundreds of calls, and techs have worked until midnight some nights. But Smith said the warm up right now may show you a sign that your pipes could have a problem ahead.

"The expansion and contraction of the pipes in such a short amount of time could cause them to break. You have joints that could come loose, or the pipe itself will burst," Smith said.

You should take a look at exposed pipes, Smith said. If you see a spot that's larger than normal, get it checked out.

He also recommends you inspect any hot water heaters in outdoor storage rooms or attics. The cold weather can cause cracks and leaks.

Jerry Lax, director of maintenance for Cambridge Franchise Holdings, said last week his spigot froze and sent water shooting into the parking lot.

Now employees will be keeping an eye out as the temps take another dip.

"The high 20s is fine, but when you get down into the single digits, it's rough," Lax said.

Most homeowner's policies cover pipe bursts.

Smith said homeowners in older homes in Midtown and East Memphis have been more prepared by leaving water dripping..

Newer homeowners in Lakeland and Collierville haven't taken preparations because they thought they were protected simply because their homes were new, and that's led to issues.

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