Traffic headaches expected as construction begins on Walnut Grove

If your morning commute takes you down Walnut Grove, you'll definitely want to find an alternate route. Monday, a massive multi-million dollar project will begin. Crews will begin working on the I-240 bridge on Walnut Grove. The project is expected to last three years and cost $36 million.

Over the next three weeks, you can expect lane closures on the bridge across I-240. After that, things will really get busy. T.D.O.T officials say now is the time to find an alternate route.

"If you do not have to be in that area find another way to go because there are people in that area who have to be there", said Pamela Marshall of T.D.O.T. "People who have to come to work, come to the medical facilities for attention people who live in those areas and of course christian brothers high school there, those kids have to come to school parents have to be there to pick kids up."

Lane reductions won't start for another three weeks or so. In the meantime, crews will be out moving utilities and a temporary road will be built. For more on the Walnut Grove project click here.