Company blocked from expanding landfill into Frayser

FRAYSER, TN (WMC) - People at City Hall wore stickers Tuesday that said, "Vote No on Landfill Expansion."

That is exactly what City Council members did, except they took it a step further.

Council members voted for a moratorium on the construction of landfills for the next six months.

The owner of Memphis Wrecking Company quickly left City Hall and didn't have anything to say after the Memphis City Council voted down a possible landfill expansion in Frayser.

The unanimous vote garnered cheers from the crowd, and community members said this is one battle won.

"Quit dumping on Frayser," said Frayser resident Telise Turner.

However, the war continues.

"I hope we continue to fight like we are fighting to keep it from getting into Hickory Hill," said community member Ernest Trist.

Representatives with Memphis Wrecking Company previously said if the Frayser location was voted down, the company would look at possible locations in Hickory Hill, Raleigh, and Cordova.

The location in Hickory Hill is zoned highly industrial and would not need City Council approval.

"This is about profit for them," said Steve Lockwood with Frayser Community Development Association. "It's really not about any other issue than profit for them."

But before the end of the meeting, City Council members approved a moratorium on the construction of landfills within city limits for the next six months.

"Who wants to come into an area and buy a home, with a landfill there, You wouldn't?" Turner said.

Last week, we requested an interview with the owners of Memphis Wrecking Company. Tuesday, we also asked what the company's next move will be following the decision but were told no comment.

Last week, Memphis Wrecking Company announced their current site has just two years' worth of space left.

Memphis Wrecking Company said they will continue to work with the community and the city to ensure that blight is removed from city streets.

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