Schools discuss makeup days following back-to-back snow storms

Schools discuss makeup days following back-to-back snow storms

MEMPHIS, TN (WMC) - Back-to-back snowstorms have given Mid-South students a long weekend of fun.

Unfortunately, nothing in this world is free. The students will have to make up those missed days somehow. How the days are made up depends on the school district.

Shelby County Schools said it has 13 makeup days built into the schedule.

"We have 13 days stockpiled, so we will not have to make up days. However, the Board and Superintendent could decide otherwise if they choose to."

Collierville has a very similar policy. Collierville Schools Superintendent John Aitken said his district also has 13 days stockpiled to help avoid having to schedule makeup days. The district stockpiled 13 days by making each instructional day 30 minutes longer than required.

Likewise, Tipton County has days stockpiled in the calendar. Tipton County Schools Superintendent Dr. Buddy Bibb said his school district is not in danger of having to schedule makeup days yet.

Germantown Municipal School District released the following statement about makeup days:

"The Germantown Municipal School District has extra days built in the calendar, above and beyond what is required by the state. Once the inclement weather season has passed, the District will evaluate the number of instructional days missed due to weather and determine if make-up days are required and how they will be recovered. When determining if make up days are needed, the district will be sensitive to family schedules while placing student education as a priority."

However, DeSoto County Schools have already scheduled its makeup days.

"Snow days will be made up for DeSoto County Schools.  Students will attend school on Friday, February 16th, as a make-up day (to replace January 12, 2018) and will attend school on Monday, February 19th as a make-up day (to replace January 16, 2018.) These dates were reserved for make-up purposes on our 2017-2018 school calendar."

As we watch and wait for more possible closures this week, the common deciding factor for most school systems will be the roads.

"I think it's better to be safe than sorry," said parent Melissa Himelwright. "I drove a little bit and the roads aren't great."

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