Roads turn dangerous as temperatures drop

MEMPHIS, TN (WMC) - Things are not looking good on surface streets across Memphis. Any snow that melted on Tuesday has turned back to ice.

Poplar Avenue near Overton Park is covered with snow. As the sun went down, the conditions there and on other roads changed drastically.

"I knew it was going to be real icy, but I didn't think it would be that icy," said driver Savannah Petty.

A lot of drivers were surprised when they hit the streets.  Even more surprising were the variations on the roads.

"The streets are OK in some parts," said driver Paige Powell. "I've seen where it's completely melted off the streets in some parts and then you have a sheet of ice or on top of that."

It is strange, considering the city used snow plows during the early part of the day. But in most parts, there just isn't enough snow to use the plow.

Twelve salt and sand trucks were running all day as part of a continuous operation. The city is focusing on bridges overpasses and major streets, and hospitals will also get special consideration.

It's hard to tell where the bad spots are. One icy section on Humphreys near Walnut Grove looks bad, but most drivers didn't seem to be having any problems. Meanwhile, cars slid easily at a snowy section.

The best practice for driving on these roads is not to unless you absolutely have to.

Police are out in the city monitoring the roads. If there are trouble spots, the city will know about it and try to alleviate the problems.

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