Wind chills pose dangerous threat

MEMPHIS, TN (WMC) - With frigid temperatures during the start to 2018, the First Alert Weather team wants to remind everyone that wind chills can be dangerous.

When a Wind Chill Advisory is issued, it is warning people to be aware and prepared. A wind chill advisory is usually issued by the National Weather Service when the wind chill is low enough that it poses a threat to human health and life if adequate protection is not taken against hypothermia and frostbite, just like we are seeing here in the Mid-South after the snow and cold we have seen.

Therefore, it is encouraged to dress properly for the cold weather and limit that exposed skin to the elements when traversing outdoors during the extreme wind chills.

With wind in the forecast and cold temperatures, your body's heat is easily wicked away from around the skin, that sudden drop in temperatures can make you feel colder.

Hypothermia begins when your body temperature drops two to four degrees. That is why it is important to remember how to dress when you head out in the extreme cold.

If you want to see how dangerous wind chills can be, the National Weather Service has compiled a chart how quickly frostbite can kick in if you are outside and the cold temperatures and wind mix to drop wind chill values quickly.

While we are cold right now, there is a silver lining in the forecast as we are looking to heat up well above freezing this weekend back into the 60s. The downfall, rain is back with the warmup expected this weekend.

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