MPD: At least 912 crashes reported since Friday

MPD: At least 912 crashes reported since Friday

MEMPHIS, TN (WMC) - It's been a busy few days for tow truck companies as hundreds of cars wrecked in the icy conditions.

Lately, Memphis roads have looked and even felt more like a skating rink.

"The snow was fine at first," said Evan Mealer, owner of Blues City Towing. "Snow is easy to drive on. But then when it starts to melt and it's 20 degrees and it re-freezes you might as well put your skates on."

Icy roads put a stop to tow jobs at Blues City Towing and at many other tow companies across the city.

"It was too slick even for us," Mealer said.

When the winter weather moved in, Memphis police switched to an inclement weather policy.

Mealer said this ended the rotation of tow companies responding to accidents unless it was serious. Blues City Towing shut down operations around 4 a.m. last Friday because of the snow.

Slick roads kept them closed on Saturday until the afternoon, where they could only open for a few hours.

"Snow is one thing," Mealer said. "You can get some grip on snow. But it doesn't matter how big or heavy you are when you got an inch of ice you're going to have some trouble."

Memphis Police Department said there have been at least 912 crashes since the snow first fell on Friday. That was also the worst day, with 247 wrecks on the icy roads.

There were 190 crashes Saturday, 70 on Sunday, 89 on Monday, 200 on Tuesday, and 116 on Wednesday.

Even as ice melts away revealing dry roads, slick spots are keeping Blues City Towing crews busy.

It's also a reminder to keep your focus on the road, because even if it appears to be clear, there could ice hidden in your path.

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