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Memphis seniors fight back in home invasion

Two Memphis seniors took matters into their own hands and fought back against burglars, and an old Smith & Wesson will forever remind retired Naval Officer Bryant Green of his Tuesday morning ordeal.

He said it all began when his doorbell rang at 10 a.m., "I got up quickly and did not see anyone."

However, his 76 year old wife Gwyneth saw four men breaking into a backyard window of their West Crestwood house.

Bryant Green came out the front door, crept around his house and into the back courtyard where he saw one of the suspects with a shotgun.

Green said he and the young man exchanged a few rounds, but no one was hurt.

Gwyneth Green said she watched from inside in mortal terror, "I could see the smoke from the shotgun the fellow had...I was trembling so I couldn't stand."

The four med fled on foot and by car.

Memphis Police used their canine unit, patrol cars and a copter to search for the men, with no luck.

Neighbor John Rindin said he wants to start a community watch, "we need to be more proactive."

At the moment, police do not have a detailed description of the burglars or the get-away car, but they might have fingerprints.

The Greens said they hold no bad feelings. They are just grateful to be alive and will not let this crime run them out of their home of 46 years.

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