Record Number of Elections in Horn Lake

There's a lot of time for thumb twidling at the one poll location open for the Horn Lake Alderman run-off. If more than 100 people show up they'll be happy.

Lucille Thomas was working the sole polling site, "It's very disappointing to spend the number of hours we do here and then the general public not to appreciate it enough to come vote."

Tuesday's vote was the fifth of the year and the third for the Ward 4 Alderman seat. First there was an uncontested race for the seat. The the winner decided he didn't want the seat so a special election was held.

Mayor Nat Baker said no one got more than half the vote so this run off was held, "It's the first time in history it's happened in Hornlake."

Baker hopes it's the last time. Not only are the elections a lot of work for his staff, they're also costly.

Baker says so far this year the city has spent close to 24,000 dollars, "I'll be glad when 7 o'clock gets here and the polls close and we have our seventh alderman"

Of the 2400 eligible voters in Ward 4, only 123 showed up last week. At five o'clock Tuesday,

Gail Fuller was the 96th person to cast her vote, "I like to voice my opinion and I think people should not voice their opinions if they don't vote."

There were four write in votes. Barry Manning got 64 votes. But Tom Polzin with 68 votes is the official winner.