Residents sue, say they weren't notified of Kirby Road closure

MEMPHIS, TN (WMC) - Drive down Kirby Road toward Winchester and you will see a roadblock stopping traffic and pedestrians.

This new development is the reason some community members fired up.

A lawsuit filed in Chancery Court is an attempt to get this roadblock removed.

"They are shocked," attorney Venecia Kimbrow said. "They are outraged. They are upset."

The lawsuit claims the road blockage is due to expansion efforts at Kirby Pines Retirement Community, and that Kirby Pines administrators "deliberately withheld from the City of Memphis information pertaining to the impact the road closure would have" on the surrounding community.

"The residents who live behind here no longer have access," Kimbrow said.

Kimbrow said not only does the road closure impact the flow of traffic, it also prevents residential neighbors and members of another nearby senior living facility from having safe walking access to nearby necessities.

"He will now be forced to walk almost a half mile out of his way to catch the nearest bus stop," Kimbrow said.

WMC reached out to the executive director at Kirby Pines Retirement Community, who said a public meeting was held during the approval process with the city.

However, Kimbrow said that's only half the story.

"They were not notified," Kimbrow said. "Not one mailing, not one phone call, not one knock on a door."

The lawsuit claims the "vast majority of landowners... were not notified."

But Kimbrow said landowners do plan on showing up to city council Tuesday...

"Our hope is that the city council people will reverse their decision," Kimbrow said.

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