Truck drivers feel pinch at the pump

Just when you thought it couldn't go any higher, today, gas prices hit a record high in the Mid-South.

The average price for a gallon of regular unleaded gas in Memphis is two-dollars and 49-cents.

That's up 5 cents from yesterday.

Mid-South truck drivers are paying the biggest price.

West Memphis of course being one of the busiest truck refueling centers in the country.

When these drivers pull up to the pump they know the price will be as big as the trucks they're driving.

Most of these trucks hold several hundred gallons of diesel fuel.

I'm told the truck idling for an hour eats one gallon of gas nevermind tearing down the highway.

Big companies can absorb some of the price hikes but the independent drivers are getting hit hard.

There's even talk of a trucker strike or at least work slow down.

Action News 5's George Brown will have this story tonight at 5:00.