Do you believe in fairies? Finding Neverland inspires audiences at Orpheum Theatre

MEMPHIS, TN (WMC) - A Broadway musical that is sure to have you thinking wonderful thoughts and hoping to fly is now playing at Orpheum Theatre.

Finding Neverland is a show about how J.M. Barrie created the immortal story of Peter Pan.

"It's sad; it's funny; it's magical; it's everything," actor Colin Wheeler said.

The show is fun for all ages. It makes an impassioned plea in favor of imagination, faith, and childhood.

Barrie is a playwright who meets a widow and her four children in Kensington Gardens. He and the boys bond by creating make-believe adventures involving pirates, mermaids, and more.

Throughout Finding Neverland, you'll notice references to and inspirations from Peter Pan--for example, you'll learn how Captain Hook got his hook, why Nana is a dog, and even the story behind why Wendy and Peter exchange gifts instead of kissing.

The play is a magical escape from reality that will inspire children, entertain adults, and teach everyone in attendance the importance of living life to its fullest.

Finding Neverland has performances scheduled at Orpheum Theatre through Sunday, January 28. Click here for ticket information.

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