MID-SOUTH HEROES: Humble hero trains Memphians for success

MID-SOUTH HEROES: Humble hero trains Memphians for success


MID-SOUTH HEROES: Humble hero trains Memphians for success

MEMPHIS, TN (WMC) - This month’s Mid-South Hero is a man who is admired for his heart and humility.

His name is Steve Nash. He's improved the lives of thousands of Memphians, but he says he should not get the glory, God should.

"I see the hand of the Lord every day and all the time," Nash said.

Nash is the Executive Director of Advance Memphis--a non-profit agency serving adults in the South Memphis zip codes of 38126 and 38106. Advance Memphis uses faith-based curriculum to teach students interview/job skills, financial literacy, and other life skills that will help them become self-sufficient.

Advance Memphis is housed in a 24,000 square-foot warehouse where students can learn the ins-and-outs of assembly and packaging, farm-to-table food services inside a commercial kitchen, and more.

One wall inside the warehouse is dedicated to students who have gone through the program, received their GED, and landed a job.

"It represents an incredible amount of hard work and I think it represents a contrast to the narrative we get told a lot about South Memphis, and that's you know--this is an environment, a place that you don't want to go, and yet these are some incredibly hard working men and women," Nash said.

Nash created Advance Memphis from scratch 18 years ago. He gets emotional talking about the leap of faith he made in leaving behind a sales career to create careers for others.

"It's humbling," Nash said. "The fact that people have listened. They've prayed. They've given money. They've given time. It's overwhelming."

Cindy Chapple went through the Advance Memphis program nearly a decade ago. She was a recovering addict at the time, and she hadn't had a job in 20 years.

"He's just been a great example to me," Chapple said. "He makes me want to aspire to be a good employee."

Chapple now works alongside Nash. She nominated him to be this month's Mid-South Hero.

There are opportunities available for you to help Nash and his group of heroes with Advance Memphis. The organization really needs businesses who can partner with Advance Memphis and put the group's graduates to work. For more information about how to help, click here.

Do you know someone who should be honored as our next Mid-South Hero? Submit a nomination now.

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