Truckers feel pain at the pump

Each time a big rig pulls up to the pump, drivers like Steve Keene know the price will be big too, "We're talking a hit big time and if you don't have your p's and q's and economics you're a dead man."

The average price we saw per fill up was $315. Keene says that's the highest he's seen, "About a year and a half ago my actual cost was 25% percent maximum now fuel cost is 40,45,50 percent."

Big trucking companies can absorb some of the expense but independent drivers like Todd Doty feel the effects faster, "Cuts into the profit margin quite a bit. More it goes up the more it costs me and fuel surcharges lot of the time doesn't cover all of it."

There's even talk of a possible trucker strike or at the very least a work slow down.

Some truckers are looking at getting out of the business. In order to prevent that, many truckers and some truck companies are passing on the added costs to the companies they haul for. Meaning a double, first at the pump then at the register.