Strickland agrees with President Trump's infrastructure plan

WASHINGTON, D.C. (WMC) - Memphis Mayor Jim Strickland was in Washington D.C. along with dozens of other mayors for the United State Conference of Mayors.

Wednesday, Mayor Strickland was there as President Donald Trump spoke to about his plan to improve infrastructure across the nation.

Mayor Strickland said he liked the president's plan and one of his priorities is making sure there are improvements on the Mississippi River.

"All the way up and down the Mississippi, we think the Mississippi River is part of that infrastructure that needs federal assistance. Because I think all of us agree that quality infrastructure results in economic development and jobs," Strickland said.

Some mayors, like the mayor of New Orleans, chose not to attend the meeting because of Trump's stance against sanctuary cities.

Strickland said he believes the issue of infrastructure isn't a partisan one, but an economic one, and he wanted to push the priorities of Memphians.

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