Collierville warns residents to remove Christmas decorations despite still displaying its own

COLLIERVILLE, TN (WMC) - A Mid-South town is catching heat for notifying residents that they were breaking a town ordinance, since the town was breaking the exact same rule.

Thursday morning, crews were out at Collierville Town Square taking down holiday decorations.

It comes 10 days after code enforcement crews issued around 150 notices to residents stating their holiday decorations were up past the deadline of January 16.

"We've done that now and we've got our act together the same we would expect from our customers," Collierville Police Department spokesman Mark Heuberger said.

He said the people who were given notices were done so after officers saw their holiday decorations during routine patrols or when neighbors reported the violations.

Residents like Justina Blackett said the notices were hypocritical because the town had not even taken down its holiday decorations.

"That's really unfair I would think," Blackett said.

Heuberger said the reason for their crews' 10-day delay is because of the recent winter weather.

"[We've been busy] clearing the streets from snow and taking up garbage," Heuberger said.

Still, Blackett said she's lived in Collierville for 20 years and this ordinance was a surprise.

"I've not heard of that at all, but I'm glad to hear about it now because I still have a few strings of lights up," Blackett said.

Heuberger said they're looking to do things a bit differently next holiday season.

"Try to give people some preemptive notice before it's time to actually start taking the lights down," Heuberger said.

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