Deputies bag big drug bust

Shelby County Sheriff's deputies are constantly cracking down on drug dealers, but this one was different.

This time, they raided a semi-suburban home and found drugs, money and a sub-machine gun.

The people who live next door didn't see it coming.

"There's never anybody there permanently. There's always different people in and out. And we never knew anything about the drugs. They were always keep to themselves," said neighbor Tiffany Sandridge.

When Sheriff's officers showed up at this house on Wildwood Drive, they came with a search warrant for drugs. When no one answered they busted in.

They found 300 xanax pills hidden in a shoebox, 4000 hydrocodone pills, more than two grand in cash, hidden in a closet and three guns, one of them a submachine gun.

"It confirms our worst fears, that we're seeing a very close connection between the drug trade and serious violence," said Shelby County Sheriff Mark Luttrell

Sheriff Mark Luttrell says the owner of the house Tyrone "Cream" McCoy and Henry Crawford may face federal charges because the weapons were found when the drugs were picked up.

And as if SWAT team and narcotics unit members hadn't bagged and tagged enough, they charged a third person, 20 year old Crystal Madison, who just happened to pull into the driveway while the raid was going on. They smelled marijuana coming from her car and found pot in her ashtray. A further search found two bottles of Oxycontin, prescribed to someone else.

Tiffany Sandridge is rattled. "It's disturbing that it's in a neighborhood like this where you think you're safe and you realize that you're not and you have to keep eye on everybody around you as well as your own kids," she said.

All three face state charges of possession of drugs and drug paraphernalia. The possibility of further federal charges - we're told - is good.