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Bus stop sex assaults

Women waiting for the bus in Memphis could be potential targets.

"It's scary," says one rider.

Police say a sexual predator is on the prowl. His MO is pulling up to a bus stop and offering women a ride.

"I mean, it would be easy for somebody to say, could you just drop me down further to my next transfer?" says bus rider Jackie Payne.

Police say it's worked not once, but twice in recent weeks. It's been at bus stops near the intersection of Summer and Waring both times.

"He takes them out in a white pick-up truck to a rural area and rapes them," says Sgt. Vince Higgins with Memphis Police.

The fact that a white pick-up is used is the only real clue. But we spotted more than a dozen of those in just a matter of minutes at the intersection on Wednesday.

"In one incident it was described as an extended cab," says Higgins. "The other it was described as a white pick-up with a bench seat," he adds.

The description of the suspect is even more vague.

"Male black described as 20 to 25 years of age," says Higgins.

Police say the best advice is not to take rides with strangers, especially those who act, talk, or look suspicious.

"By no means go with them," stresses Higgins. "Do not go with them--do what you can to get away from them," he adds.

It's a lesson Jackie Payne is teaching her two kids. But a free ride could be tempting on a hot day when the bus might be late.

"And I can see it happening," says Payne. "But you just have to be careful--you can't trust people today," she adds.

Both victims in these recent rapes did not suffer serious injuries. However, police say the potential is there. Anyone with any information about the bus stop predator should call Crime-Stoppers at 528-CASH.




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