9-year-old's hide-and-seek skills save family's house from burning

MEMPHIS, TN (WMC) - A Memphis family is crediting their 9-year-old for saving not only their home, but possibly their lives.

A game of hide-and-seek is what Breeze Bourgeois said helped her find a fire that could have burned down her home.

"I felt glad that I found it," Breeze said.

Friday afternoon at a house on Quince Road in East Memphis, Sandra Bourgeois was blow drying her hair and said an electric fuse started burning.

"Then smoke started filling up coming through the vents," Sandra said.

She called MLGW and the fire department, and she said they turned off several electric switches and a gas pilot. But that turned out not to be the problem.

Later than night, Breeze was suppose to be in bed but decided to hide under the living room table from her dad.

"I felt something hot and I looked over and the whole curtain was burned up," Breeze said.

After Breeze smelled the smoke, she said her family rushed over and they moved the curtain to find the table and plastic on fire.

"This is weird but to me it smelled like hot dogs--like burnt hot dogs," she said.

The family was able to remove the scorched table and put out the flames before the fire spread.

They credit Breeze and her hide-and-seek skills for saving their lives.

"For once I was proud of her for not listening to me to go to bed," Sandra said.

"I saved my house from burning down," Breeze said.

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