Man says he kept wife's body in truck, dumped her in river to 'let nature take its course'

BENTON COUNTY, TN (WMC) - Federal Bureau of Investigation is now looking into the death of a woman after her husband said he dumped her body in the Tennessee River.

But could he have spent his entire visit to Memphis with his wife's body in the back of his truck? That's the new story he's telling investigators as the search for her continues.

Phillip and Roberta "Bobby" Snider were visiting Memphis when Bobby went missing. Phillip told police she died in Memphis, but no one was able to locate her body.

Philip also keeps changing his story about what happened to her.

Initially, Philip said he and his wife left their Ohio home in early January to visit Graceland. He said it likely would be the last trip because his wife was dying from cancer.

Days later, Phillip admitted he dumped his wife's body in the Tennessee River along Interstate 40, Benton County Sheriff's officials told WBBJ.

"He had placed his wife's body into two black, large garbage bags, and he cinched them down as tight as they would go, and he got on the river bridge over there," Benton County Sheriff Kenny Christopher said. "And put her over the bridge when there was no traffic coming."

Snider told officials he didn't want to see his wife go out in an ambulance.

"He felt like he didn't want her to go like that. He thought that it was much better that he put her into the river and let nature take its course," Christopher said.

Investigators said a polygraph test revealed Phillip Snider was telling the truth about dumping his wife's body. However, he does not face any charges yet. If Roberta's body is found, he may then face charges.

Investigators have been searching for her body for two weeks and have no plans on giving up.

"When I get with the barge companies, I'm going to ask them to have the riverboat captains or anybody else who is out on the river, if they would just be watching," Sheriff Christopher said.

Benton County is continuing its search of the Tennessee River for the body of Roberta Snider.

"When you're the only person who knows the truth and you're telling it five or six different ways, that's suspicious," Hartville Police Chief Larry Dordea said.

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