Tre Hargett a hypocrite?

A Mid-South political analyst says Tre Hargett is a hypocrite. Michael Nelson says Hargett's decision to go from a legislative leader to a lobbyist for a big drug company is an embarrassment to the entire state. That's because just a few months ago, Hargett suggested a bill that would ban legislators from becoming lobbyists for at least a year after they step down. Hargett had these comments back in March. "One of the bills we will be proposing, I should say will be a revolving door policy which means a member cannot lobby the general assembly for one year after leaving the legislature." Action News 5 Political Anaylst, Mike Nelson had this response. "There are two problems, One Tre Hargett is a hypocrite,. He says there ought to be laws that prevent this sort of thing and then he does it." Action News Five has also learned that Representative Tre Hargett received campaign contributions from Pfizer, the same company he will start lobbying for next month.