Pope attends World Youth Festival

Pope Benedict is sending an evangelical message on his first overseas trip as pontiff.

Benedict has returned to his native Germany for the World Youth Festival in Cologne. He greeted the faithful while standing on a cruise ship, urging young people who are unbaptized or haven't found a church home to "open wide" their hearts to God.

He said the faith should be proclaimed by believers in a Eurd seven-year-old boy wants an apology from a movie theater after the manager threw him out for laughing too loudly.

The parents of Anthony Pratti say it happened Sunday in Wallkill, New York, when they took their son to see "March of the Penquins."

The boy has cerebral palsy and autism. The family says he was enjoying the movie from his wheelchair when a theater worker said he was laughing too loudly, and would have to leave.

Gina Pratti said they would try to have their son laugh more quietly, but the manager wanted him to leave.

She says she was dumbfounded when the manager told them the entire family didn't have to go, just the boy in the wheelchair.

The manager refunded everyone's money.

A representative of Loews Cineplex told a Middletown newspaper they are looking into the matter.