Family says teen who went missing lived a double life

A Mid-South couple is increasingly desperate to find their missing 16-year-old daughter.

The family of the missing teen said she was leading a double life that her parents and her friends never suspected. There is now an all-out effort to find the missing teen.

"She was showing us what she wanted to show us and had this other secret going on that we didn't know about," her father Tracy Farmer said.

The teen's parents only saw the daughter who went to Jonesboro High School and was the computer programmer for the robotics team.

They last saw her Saturday night when the family left their home in Trumann headed to Jonesboro for dinner and a movie. They said at dinner, she seemed a little off.

"She kept staring at me," Tracy said. "I said 'what's wrong?' 'oh nothing.'"

The teen arrived home Saturday around 11 p.m. and was gone Sunday morning, climbing out of a window in her bedroom.

No one knows she left or who she met up with.

"She's never been on a date. Here again, she was leading a double life, so we don't know," Tracy said.

The teen had a school-issued laptop that investigators said she used to communicate with various people they believe were grooming her for sex. Some of the communications were sexually explicit.

Her family said she would use her laptop in front of them and they never saw anything unusual. Her father works in IT and would have noticed.

"She was hiding it very well," Tracy said.

This family is now doing everything they can to find their daughter and fears what might have happened to her.

"We think she is easily influenced because she is naive, very trusting, too trusting," her mother Tia said.

"You would think something like this wouldn't happen in a small town," Tracy said.

The entire area of Trumann and Jonesboro is praying for the teen's return. Multiple law enforcement agencies are working hard to find her.

"We just want her home," Tia said. "We just want her home."

Trumann Police Chief Chadwick Henson said investigators are going through the teen's emails, social media, and blogs.

Investigators are also interviewing people she was in contact with.

[Editor's note: WMC Action News 5 removed the teen's identity from this report because she is a minor and investigators consider her a sexual assault victim.]

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