Horn Lake police make drug bust

When police discovered what was inside the SUV, it was only a matter of minutes before they swarmed the walgreens parking lot on Goodman Road.

They never would have found it - and its contents - if someone working at a nearby pharmacist hadn't called police about someone buying a lot of Sudafed.

"A unit went to that area, observed them. They come out of that pharmacy with some pills. They followed them to this particular pharmacy. Individual went in, purchased some more pills. As he was coming out of the store, an undercover officer approached him and started the investigation," said Lieut. Troy Rowell of the Horn Lake Police Department.

Inside the car, they found red phosphorous and methyl alcohol. And they found more pills, already soaking.

It was a kitchen on wheels, a mobile meth lab. And police say although their suspects hadn't finished cooking their drugs, there is no doubt what they were up to.

"They were in the process of manufacturing. They just didn't have everything they need to complete the process," said Rowell.

Horn Lake Police have two suspects in custody.

They say they plan to charge them with manufacturing methamphetamine.