Lorenzen Wright's former assistant says she had a feeling Sherra killed him

MEMPHIS, TN (WMC) - It's been a crazy few years for Wendy Wilson.

She lost her good friend and former boss Lorenzen Wright, and she said she had a feeling it was his ex-wife Sherra Wright from the beginning.

Sherra and Lorenzen Wright were already married when Wilson started working as the former Memphis Grizzlies power forward's personal assistant in 2003.

"You know it was just a marriage," Wilson said. "It was a marriage of course and it seemed amazing. Wonderful kids, beautiful family."

Wilson worked closely with Lorenzen. She said she handled everything from real estate deals and basketball camps to several of his business endeavors.

"I had a pretty big role; I also helped with branding and travel," she said.

During that time, Wilson spent a lot of time with the Wrights.

"As we grew closer, I learned more about varied things and situations," she explained.

She said everything seemed normal, until Sherra would get angry.

"If she didn't get in touch with him it was automatically--I think she began to be mistrustful," Wilson said.

Sherra would leave voice mails threatening Lorenzen's life.

"They would go from you know, 'Oh he didn't answer the phone again,' and then from that to the anger and eventually to 'If I ever caught him with anyone else I'm going to f--- him up,'" Wilson explained. "And she said a couple of times, 'I'll kill him. I'll kill him.'"

Those voice mails, were so concerning that Wilson said she made copies on a tape recorder and turned them over to police.

"It became pretty often and much stranger, so I wanted to make sure I documented it. Just in case," she said.

When Lorenzen disappeared in July 2010 and his body was discovered days later, Wilson said she had flashbacks to those voice messages and reminded police about them. Seven years later--when police arrested Sherra in California and charged her with Lorenzen's murder--Wilson said she was not shocked.

"We had all hoped that it would be nothing. We truly all hoped that it would be okay," she said.

Wilson said she misses her friend Lorenzen and her biggest concern out of all of this is the couple's children.

"Let's just please not degrade their mother. Let's pray for the situation. We realize, or we think we realize, what happened but God knows best," Wilson said.

Sherra Wright will face a judge on Feb. 26. Wilson said she does not plan on attending any hearings.

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