Apartment residents say MLGW lines left exposed on the ground

MEMPHIS, TN (WMC) - Imagine if you woke up to power cables everywhere every morning outside of your apartment.

Some Parkway Village residents said these power cables have been left out on their sidewalks for months.

It's kind of puzzling why the electrical cables residents say were installed by MLGW were just left out on the ground.

No one at the complex imagined they would be there for more than two months.

"They need to be removed and fixed due to the danger to the kids," apartment resident Cathy Tyler said.

Tyler lives in the Villas at Willow Creek on Wooddale Avenue, where electrical cables attached to an electric box that snake past apartments and through the gate.

Residents, including children, have to step over them to leave their apartments.

"They could fall, trip or hurt their self any little thing 'cause my kids go through here every day," Tyler said. "We go out this door to the car."

Property manager Susana Cisneros said the cables have been there since before Thanksgiving when MLGW stopped by to address an electrical problem a tenant was having.

"Kids come out here in and out from school, sometimes play with the cones," the property manager said. "The yellow strip they added is no longer there."

Cisneros said she has made calls to MLGW.

"The supervisor said they were going to take care of it within 72 hours, that was the first one that came out," Cisneros said. "The second one that came out said it had to be done immediately."

Immediately never happened and the cables attached to the electrical box are still there.

'They keep saying they're going to come and do the repairs," Cisneros said. "They just don't do it."

WMC contacted MLGW, who said they are investigating. We will let you know what happens.

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