Horn Lake residents split on hiring Greg Davis as city planner

HORN LAKE, MS (WMC) - The Horn Lake Board of Aldermen will wait until next month to decide whether former Southaven Mayor Greg Davis will be hired as the new city planner.

Horn Lake Aldermen went behind closed doors in executive session Tuesday afternoon.

Horn Lake Alderman Charlie Roberts has been pushing to hire Davis. He said he still doesn't have the votes so the matter was tabled.

"We are still working on some angles, some questions, and we're working on getting questions and answers and we're going to move forward from there," Roberts said.

The Horn Lake board aldermen will vote again in March on whether to hire Davis.

But some of those citizens said they don't want Davis.

"I've been knowing him since he was a kid," resident George Dixon said. "If he's that great why doesn't Southaven have him? I think that answers the whole nine yards."

Some people even held signs, making it clear what they thought.

"You don't put a drug dealer in charge of the pharmacy, you don't put a thief in charge of a bank," resident Jim Stacy said.

Davis was accused of embezzlement while mayor of Southaven, including the purchase of a city-owned car.

Davis was found guilty of the charges but was acquitted after the state court of appeals ordered a new trial.

Davis had to pay the state of Mississippi more than $100,000 after the state auditor flagged Davis for improper spending.

However, the former mayor's influence on a booming economy in Southaven has Horn Lake officials looking toward him for the job.

That's what some Horn Lake residents are hoping for their town.

"Mainly because he grew up in the area and Horn Lake is the only city that is not growing up," resident Becky Givens said. "I've lived here for 25 years and the biggest thing that has come to Horn Lake is Walmart and that's not under this administration."

Davis lost his bid for a fifth term as mayor in 2013.

During that time, Horn Lake Mayor Allen Latimer said he would veto a vote to hire Davis. It's unclear if his position has changed.

City officials said Davis has agreed to take a salary that's $12,000-$15,000 less than the position of city planner would typically pay.

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