Action News 5 puts to the test

The website claims it will find you the best deal in town in just a few easy steps...

1. Enter the zip code where you want to shop...
2. Tell Cairo what you're shopping for...
3. Get your price.
Action News 5 decided to check it out.

We chose a flat screen television.   According to Cairo Sears on Poplar had the best price. Even though the site is based in California, it was accurate when it quoted us the Mid-South price.

"It's a big advantage to us that we are on the website," said John Burleson, assistant store manager at Brand Central.  "It's a big positive for our store."

Burleson told us more people are looking to the web for bargains.

"We have quite a few customers who come in," he said.  "They do internet shopping and they compare us to local competitors."

We put Cairo to the test on smaller items like toilet tissue, Bounty paper towels, and Prilosec.  Each time the website price matched the price we found in the store, evidence Mid-South shoppers can find deals on the internet as easily as the can in the Sunday paper.

Try it for yourself at