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Parents give air conditioning failing grade

You can see the air conditioning units at several Memphis Schools but you can't feel them.  Michelle Dziuba can attest to that.

"The teachers are being very accommodating," she said. "They've got the fans going."
Dziuba's daughter has been without air conditioning all week as have many of the students at Kingsbury Elementary.

"We fill up a water bottle, stick it in the freezer overnight," she said.  "Throughout the course of the day it melts so she has cold water."
Kingsbury isn't alone.
Grahamwood Elementary's had A/C problems in several classrooms.
Vince McCaskill with Memphis City Schools said the simple truth is many Memphis schools are old.

"Some of those units, and some of the parts in those units are older," he said. "So with the wear and tear, and the fact it's extremely hot, you're gonna have break downs from time to time." 
Manassas High, which dates back to 1938, needs all new air conditioning units.
McCaskill said the school board just approved big bucks for two new AC units.

"We're gonna do everything in our power to make sure these schools are cool and our kids are safe."
But some parents like Michelle Dziuba think the district needs to work a little harder.

"They throw away so much of our money all the time that they should have had this done before school started," she said.
School work crews will work overtime this weekend in an attempt to get the cool air flowing once again.

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