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AMFA moves offices in anticipation of strike

Friday morning, the Aircraft Mechanics Fraternal Association packed up its office at the airport and moved to another office nearby. The move came in anticipation of a strike that union members say will likely happen.

"At 11:01 tonight central daylight time if we are unable to reach an agreement with Northwest we will initiate a strike," said Billy Brant of the AMFA.

Brant, a union member and Northwest Airlines Mechanic, said the strike appears very likely.

The mechanics union moved its office because if the strike happens, they wouldn't be able to access their airport office. Their badges will be deactivated, and replacement workers will instead take over for them.

Brant blamed bad management for Northwest's economic troubles. He said the airline was asking too much from the mechanics and they can't accept it.

"They're asking for a26 percent pay cut, loss of sick leave, loss of vacation loss of holidays, and a dramatic decrease in the employees we have as AMFA members," he said.

Brant has never experienced a strike, but he said the mechanics are ready even, if it means they could lose their jobs.

"If things continue the way the way things are going we won't have a job anyway," he said.

Brant said the mechanics are ready to picket Saturday morning. If the strike happens, they will meet at the airport at 7:00am to picket.

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