Police investigate double homicide

Memphis police are investigating a deadly shooting that claimed the lives of two Mid-Southerners.

Officers were called to the 13-hundred block of Kennedy Street around 10:30 Thursday night..

Police found Louis Brown laying near the front of a house. Tia Moore was laying in the kitchen. According to police, both were shot to death. A third woman was also shot, but not critically.

"They say Tia was there braiding the hair of one of the lady who stayed there her daughter's hair," said neighbor Curtis Suell. "Louis, he had probably come to visit because Louis, he's that type of person. He just comes to speak to people all the time."

Suell lives right next door to the crime scene. He said violence is all too common in this area.

"For her and Louis to get killed, it hurts, because its bad that it seems like every week"

Police say someone used a high-powered rifle to shoot at the house from far away, and that Brown and Moore were probably not the intended victims.

"All I know is the two people who got killed shouldn't be dead right now," Suell said. "May god have mercy on the souls of the people who killed them."

Friday, investigators were still combing through surrounding buildings, looking for any sign of a suspect or motive.

Police are asking the community for help. If you have any information, please call Crime Stoppers at 528-CASH.