Air travellers prepare for Northwest strike

Passengers at Memphis International Airport expressed worry Friday about the potential of a Northwest Airlines mechanics strike. They're worried about how they will return to Memphis if there is a strike, and about their long-term plans.

Trudy Callahan and her husband waited at the airport for their daughter to arrive from Las Vegas for the weekend, and they're worried about how she will get back days from now.

She'd have to go with another airline, and we don't want to do that," Callahan said. "Northwest is the only airline that flies non-stop from Memphis to Las Vegas."

Tourists like James Mackin, passing through from the United Kingdom, worry about how a strike might impact their vacation abroad.

"Unfortunately we don't know what airlines are providing a backup," he said, "because we're not from this country, so it could cause us a lot of problems."

It was hard to tell Friday whether the threat of a strike had influenced travel. Some areas, normally teeming with Northwest travelers, seemed quiet.

Memphian Beverly Milam's attitude was common for many. She won't wait to make plans, she said, but she'll roll with the punches.

"If I don't get Northwest, I'll try someone else. I'm not really overly concerned about it," she said.

But Trudy Callahan, who flies back and forth between Memphis and Vegas several times a year, is less eager to be "flexible."

"I know people want some more money and everything, but I think we all have to give a little," she said.