Teen charged in murder held in solitary confinement ahead of trial

NASHVILLE, TN (WSMV) - A teen girl charged with murder sits in solitary confinement in an adult prison.

Teriyona Winton, 16, is the youngest female housed in a Tennessee prison. She isn't allowed to stay in a Shelby County jail until she goes to trial, and she's more than 200 miles away from family and friends.

Attorney Josh Spickler said what his client is going through is unjust.

"She is charged with a violent offense, but we are in slow motion creating another tragedy," Spickler said.

Winton is accused of killing 17-year-old Deago Brown of Binghampton back in April 2017.

Despite this violent crime, Spickler said his client deserves fair treatment.

"Simply because she is a girl, she is transferred to a prison 200 miles away and kept in isolation," Spickler said.

According to a spokesperson with the Shelby County Sheriff's Office, Winton has special needs that Shelby County can't accommodate since she is being tried as an adult.

Spickler said Shelby County currently has a way to accommodate juvenile male suspects being tried as adults, but repeatedly transfers juvenile females to other facilities.

"Because they have that many they take care of them," Spickler said. 'When it's a girl they don't. Frankly it's about the cost of doing that and the effort it takes to do that."

Court filings to move Winton out of the adult facility have been denied, but Spickler now hopes a judge will decide differently during Winton's arraignment this upcoming Tuesday.

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