Germantown PD investigates 18 car break-ins in one night

GERMANTOWN, TN (WMC) - Germantown Police Department is investigating more than a dozen car burglaries that reportedly took place in just one night.

The car burglaries happened in the Hunters Run neighborhood off Neshoba Road and South Germantown Road.

Neighbors of the tight-knit subdivision said they are banding together in hopes of helping police find the culprit behind the burglaries.

"Strong neighborhood, strong community, everybody was out here we were all talking about it," said Adam Underwood.

He found out his car was rummaged through after finding items from the car spread across his neighbors front yard.

"I got up to walk my kid to school this morning, or yesterday morning, found some of our stuff laying in the neighbor's yard ," said Underwood.

In total, Germantown PD said 18 cars were rummaged through Monday night with most happening on Apple Valley Cove and Apple Valley Road. Three car burglaries also reportedly took place in a hotel parking lot located just blocks away from the other burglaries.

"It could be a 17-year-old kid walking down the street looking for drug money. No clue as to who it was. There are enough security cameras around where they might get a description," said Underwood.

Germantown PD said in 2017 there were 164 reported car burglaries, and so far this year, police have investigated 38.

With auto burglaries not slowing down, Underwood has advice for his neighbors.

"Lock your doors. Lesson learned ourselves, but sometimes you just forget," he said.

Officials suggest locking car doors and leaving valuables out of plain sight to prevent becoming a victim.

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