Mother of man found dead in impound lot in 2007 hopes recent case will spark change

MEMPHIS, TN (WMC) - The mother of a man who was found dead at the police impound lot in 2007 said she is disturbed this has happened a second time in Memphis.

Tommye Wilder said it's unacceptable and she's hoping the outrage will create change.

"If you would have done your job, I mean, would our loved one still be with us?" Wilder said.

It's a question Wilder asked 10 years ago and a question she's reminded of once again.

"It shouldn't have ever happened," Wilder said. "Chris should have never happened and this should have never happened."

In 2007, her son, Christopher Carmicle, was shot. Soon after a car was found abandoned and towed to an impound lot.

When she and her family went to claim the vehicle, they made a gruesome discovery.

"I would have never imagined that Chris' body would have been found in the trunk of the car," Wilder said.

It's been 10 years since that day.

"They came and told me that they were going to get to the bottom of it," Wilder said. "He said it would be no stones unturned."

But that hasn't exactly happened. There's still no word on what happened to her son or why the car wasn't searched thoroughly.

Now, news of a similar incident has Wilder calling for change.

"When you say you're going to make sure, make sure," Wilder said. "Make sure nothing like this happens again."

Wilder said she feels for the victim's family and hopes one day they can come together to make sure another family never has to go through this again

"We need to come together and make sure as a family, as a community, make sure nothing like hay ever happens again," Wilder said.

Although she hasn't gotten answers in 10 years, Wilder said she's not giving up hope and she's praying this new case will spark an investigation to getting some answers

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