Witnesses remember seeing 2 people in van where third man found dead

MEMPHIS, TN (WMC) - New photos are only raising more questions about how investigators didn't see a homicide victim in the back of a van for seven weeks.

Now, we're learning much more about the moments that vehicle was riddled with bullets.

The call came out at the Tillman Station as a shooting. The callers were witnesses at a nearby complex in Binghampton who were literally looking at the man who had been shot.

But none of them, just like Memphis Police Department, realized a third man was in the utility van.

"I heard, oh, it was about five or six shots, pow, pow, pow, real loud," witness Tamekia Brown said.

Brown is like many residents who remember the night of December 18 at a Binghampton apartment complex.

One witness, who did not want to be identified, heard loud arguing and cursing before the shots.

"Give me your money," the witness said, remembering what was said that night.

The apartment surveillance shows the utility van parked at the complex.  Three men, one running to the passenger side, go up to the van and open the door and eventually start shooting.

Residents ran to the van.

"The door was open, and he was hanging out of the van. You could tell he needed help," witness Dominique Morris said.

Residents called 911 when they realized the man had been shot.

They said the man in the driver's seat was in bad shape.

"He went from breathing normal to it deceased. I'm like this man dying we waiting on the police," the witness who did not want to be identified said.

Witnesses saw the injured driver and a man in the passenger seat who was not injured. They said he did not speak English. They never saw the third man in the back seat who apparently was also shot and possibly dead.

"Where the third man come from because I didn't see it. Wasn't nothing but two people in the vehicle," Brown said.

"I never seen the third person," Morris said.

"I didn't know there was a third man because I told them there was two people in the car," the unidentified witness said.

The third man was discovered when the man in the driver's seat went to the police impound lot 49 days later to get his truck and saw the dead man in the back.

MPD is investigating trying to find out how the man in the back was missed by police on the scene and people at the impound lot.

The three suspects have not been caught.

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