Mid-South teen says she was left out of yearbook for wearing tux instead of dress

Mid-South teen says she was left out of yearbook for wearing tux instead of dress

CHESTER COUNTY, TN (WMC) - A Mid-South teen said she was excluded from her school's yearbook because she wore a tux instead of a dress.

Hannah Wooley's mother told WBBJ that Chester County High School officials told her a week ago that her daughter's senior photo was not going to be included.

"The yearbook is not for the principal, it's not for the superintendent, it's not for any school faculty," Sandy Wooley said. "The yearbook is for the senior class of that year."

The principal told Sandy Wooley that it's policy for females to wear a drape for their senior picture and males wear a tux. However, Director of Schools Troy Kilzer said there is no written policy in place. He said the school has adhered to the practice for many years, but it does not have a policy in place.

Wooley said her daughter is part of the LGBT community and preferred to wear the tux.

"My daughter is gay," Wooley said. "She chooses to wear boy clothes, she has a boy haircut, she doesn't wear dresses."

She believes the school needs to change its policies to adhere to today's society.

"As a parent and as my daughter's mom, I'm going to stand up for her. I'm going to fight for her. That is my job as a parent," Wooley said.

Kilzer told WBBJ that any future instances would be handled on a case-by-case basis when asked what would happen if the issue came up again.

School administrators said the district does not discriminate.

Sandy Wooley said she is contacting lawyers who focus on discrimination lawsuits.

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