Many mechanics don't expect to return to NWA

The Northwest strike has put 82 union workers with the Air Mechanics Fraternal Association on the picket line at Memphis International Airport.

They're picketing in shifts outside the airport and many of those union members don't expect to work another shift for Northwest ever again.

"I'm also a boiler mechanic as well, so I'm looking at going back to building maintenance, which I did before I got into aircraft," said striking Northwest mechanic Chris Kracke.

With 14 years under his belt as a mechanic for Northwest Airlines, Kracke does not have the seniority he needs to keep his job if Northwest implements its proposed cuts.

"I believe I'm about number 3000 on the list," said Kracke. "So I wouldn't be here in any way shape or form."

The strikers said it's not about the money. They say they want job security.

"A lot of us feel we could take the pay cut, but we'd rather have our jobs as well and they're not guaranteeing that," said mechanic Wes Crews. "They still want to slice us in half."

That slice would leave Crews jobless, too. He's been with Northwest for 12 years and moved all over the country so he could keep working for the airline.

"I've done everything they've told me to do," said Crews. "Now they want to put me out on the street. I missed two years of my daughter growing up and I'm not gonna take it, neither are my co-workers."

Instead, they're sending a message.

"If they get away with what they're doing to us here, where's it gonna stop," asked Kracke.