FedEx warns companies--like Amazon--launching delivery service

FedEx warns companies--like Amazon--launching delivery service

MEMPHIS, TN (WMC) - FedEx is calling out the competition.

The company released a video Friday listing off all of its resources and accomplishments, laying out what Amazon or any other company would need to take away business.

The video comes the same day as a report from The Wall Street Journal which notes that Amazon is launching a delivery service in direct competition with FedEx and UPS.

FedEx, in their video, calls online commerce, a $1.7 trillion industry, "the future of business." So the company appears unsurprised by Amazon's efforts to join the game.

But...FedEx isn't quite friendly in greeting Amazon (or other potential newcomers) to the business.

"First, get a 40 year headstart," they said of their infrastructure, which began in Memphis in 1973.

"Next, stock up on planes. You'll need about 650 of them."

They go on to tout their 400,000 employees, tens of thousands of stores and dropbox locations, 4,800 operating facilities, 150,000 vehicles, and more.

"That's what makes us uniquely prepared to take on the future."

Amazon has been a partner of FedEx for years, and building their own system could potentially end that relationship.

It's safe to say if Amazon is ready to get into the business, FedEx is ready to fight back.

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