MLGW, other groups join together to create Storm Advisory Task Force

MEMPHIS, TN (WMC) - Taking action and saving lives--that's the goal of a new Memphis initiative to better prepare the metro area for severe weather.

It's been months since severe storms ravaged the Mid-South over Memorial Day Weekend. Now from the aftermath, comes action with a new Storm Advisory Task Force.

"The goal of the task force, I think, is to create a better communication piece and for us to put a plan together to help us be prepared for the next catastrophic weather event," Memphis City Councilman Phillip Spinosa said.

Representatives from MLGW, emergency management crews, public works leaders, and WMC Action News 5 Chief Meteorologist Ron Childers were all at the table setting the foundation for the potentially life-saving changes.

"One of the biggest things to come out of today's meeting is that communication is the key. Whenever there is a disaster that strikes--whether it be natural disaster, weather related, what have you--people have questions," Childers said.

The first move for the task force is providing a tool for residents to answer as many questions as possible in one place when the next big storm does hit.

"We'd like to create one communication piece, one place for folks to go to communicate to the public, and for us to communicate with each other as well--just get everybody at the same table," Councilman Spinosa said.

With communication as the focus, the group plans to meet again on Feb. 26.

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