Mid-South group protests gun violence after school shooting

MEMPHIS, TN (WMC) - Some Mid-Southerners are taking a stand against gun violence after Wednesday's school shooting in Florida.

Crowds gathered near the corner of Poplar Avenue and East Parkway.

The group "Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense in America" said they have a simple message: they want to end the gun violence.

They work to fight this issue every day, but this protest is in response to the most recent deadly school shooting.

"We're out here because we believe that 96 Americans dying every day of gun violence is not acceptable," member Kathryn McRitchie said. "We're here to say enough is enough. We think you can support the 2nd amendment while also having reasonable limits on where guns are in public places and who has access to them."

They are calling for "common sense" gun laws, like requiring background checks for every buyer and keeping weapons out of the wrong hands.

"We can get back to a place where our kids can go to school safely, where people can worship freely in churches, where people can go to the movie theater without fear of being shot by a gun," McRitchie said. "We believe that that's possible and so we want people to hear that we can end gun violence as a country."

The group said a so-called "Red Flag Law" might have helped prevent the Florida shooting. It would allow relatives or law enforcement to petition a judge to limit a person's access to guns if there are warning signs they could be a threat to others.

The group is also planning to send busloads of activists to Nashville on March 7 for Gun Advocacy Day.

Text ACT to 64433 for ways you can get involved with the issue.

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